aquamarine earth

Selections from the Qur’an

Difficulty and hardship

Sura 10:107 {} “If God doth touch thee with hurt
Sura 64:11 {} “Knowledge of all things
Sura 65:2–3 {} “Sources he never could imagine

Health and well-being

Sura 2:183 {} “Fasting is prescribed for you
Sura 7:31 {} “Do not be excessive

The meaning of life

Sura 29:45 {} “The greatest (thing in life)”
Sura 57:21 {} “The bounty of Allah
Sura 59:20 {} “(True) felicity

Character and conduct

Sura 2:153 {} “Seek help—with patience
Sura 2:222 {} “Those who cleanse themselves
Sura 31:17 {} “My son

(Note: Words and phrases that are in
parentheses are editorial insertions, intended
to make the verses of the Qur’an more
accessible to an English-speaking audience).