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Sura 57:21 {} “The bounty of Allah”

(On the meaning of life) (21) “Race with one another, for forgivenessfrom your Lord; and a Paradiseas vast as the heavens and the earth—prepared, for those who believein Allah and His messengers. “That is the bounty of Allah, which Hebestows upon whom He wills: for Allah isthe possessor of great bounty.” ….. ….. -Sura #57: […]

Sura 29:45 {} “The greatest (thing in life)”

(On the meaning of life) (45) “Recite what is sent of the Book (the Qur’an),by inspiration to thee; and establishregular Prayer. For Prayer* restrainsfrom shameful and unjust deeds. “And remembrance of Allah is the greatest(thing in life), without doubt. And Allahknows well all (the deeds) that you do.” ….. ….. -Sura #29: al-‘Ankabūt (“The Spider”);Verse […]

Sura 10:107 {} “If God doth touch thee with hurt”

(On difficulty and hardship) (107) “If God doth touch thee with hurt,there is none can remove it but He; “if He doth wish for you some good—there is none can hold back His favor.” ….. ….. -Sura #10: Yūnus (“Jonah”);Verse #107