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Words of the sages

Ibn al-Jawzī {} “I found the way out”

Vedad Grozdanic

(On difficulty and hardship)

“A matter constricted my heart, and
caused me great and constant sadness
and gloom. I started to think much about
finding a solution for my problem, using any
and all means; but I could not find any escape.

“Then I came upon this verse
(from the Qur’an): ‘Whosoever fears God,
He will create for him a way out’;
and I knew that the fear of God is
the means of escaping my troubles.

“I reapplied myself at realizing true fear
of God in my heart; and I soon found the
way out from the thing that was troubling me …”

-Abū l-Faraj ‘Abd al-Raḥmān Ibn al-Jawzī,
twelfth-century Iraqi scholar

….. …..

(From the book:
A Beautiful Path to God,
by Ikram Hawramani; page twenty-seven)