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Sayings of the Prophet ﷺ

Sunan Abī Dāwūd, #4,800 {} “For one who leaves off argument”

Vedad Grozdanic

(On character and conduct)

The Prophet Muḥammad ﷺ said:

“I guarantee a home in the suburbs of Paradise
for one who leaves off argument,
even if he is right;
and a home in the middle of Paradise
for one who abandons lying, even in jest;
and a home in the highest part of Paradise,
for one who has excellent character.”

….. …..

(This saying of the Prophet ﷺ was related by
Abū Dāwūd as-Sijistānī, in his book:
Sunan Abī Dāwūd, as narration number 4,800).