Desktop & Mobile Background: June, 2022 (John Collins Park & Reeds Lake Trail)

Bismillah … For the month of June, I decided to do something slightly different for the desktop background. Rather than including information on it about the photograph, I decided to just use the image as is, due to the ugliness of what I perceived to be both an irksome reminder and an unnecessary advertisement. This means that for any future backgrounds, I might do the same thing. I also decided to do include a mobile background.

The desktop picture is of a place called John Collins Park, in East Grand Rapids; the phone background is of Reeds Lake Trail, which is right next to it. I highly recommend Reeds Lake as a place to visit and to take walks around. It can be a very enjoyable and much-needed walking experience; which is important, considering that there aren’t many places in Grand Rapids that are designated for people to walk around or hike through (to my knowledge).

….. …..

I’ve been interested in the beauty and mystery of nature for a long time. Years ago, I listened to a series of lectures by a Muslim shaykh who lives in London, named Hasan Ali. One of the things that he said during those lectures has always remained with me: that the order and structure of nature is very different from the order that we as human beings give to our environment.

About a month ago, I visited a nature trail and forest called Provin Trails; and it made me think of the astonishing design and arrangement of what the Creator naturally placed upon the Earth. If we start to think about how a forest of trees, for example, is arranged, we can see that there is very little “structure” either in the trees or the forest; rather, each tree is different from the rest. The branches of one tree are arranged differently than the branches of another tree; and upon any given tree, its own leaves are arranged differently upon each branch.

At the time of listening to the shaykh’s lecture, this insight was something I had never thought about before. And, indeed, us modern folk can forget to even notice the natural environment around us, much less contemplate any hidden realities that it possesses. So I continue to observe; and, looking at this photograph of John Collins Park as I type these thoughts, I continue to think about the importance of nature.

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