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Category: Words of the sages

Ibn al-Jawzī {} “I found the way out”

(On difficulty and hardship) “A matter constricted my heart, andcaused me great and constant sadnessand gloom. I started to think much aboutfinding a solution for my problem, using anyand all means; but I could not find any escape. “Then I came upon this verse(from the Qur’an): ‘Whosoever fears God,He will create for him a way […]

Omar Suleiman {} “Qiyām (al-Layl) removes sins”

(On difficulty and hardship) “It’s sins that remove Qiyām (al-Layl);and it’s Qiyām that removes sins …” -Omar Suleiman,lecturer at Yaqeen Institute ….. ….. (From the lecture:“How Tahajjud removes stress and sins”;published on October 1st, 2021)

Ibn ‘Aṭā’illāh al-Iskandarī {} “Honor that lasts forever”

(On the meaning of life) “If you wish to enjoy an honorand a dignity that lasts forever,then do not base your honor and dignityon things that do not last forever …” -Ibn ‘Aṭā’illāh al-Iskandarī,fourteenth-century Mālikī jurist ….. ….. (From the book:The Way of the Spiritual Muslim,by Ikram Hawramani; page 149)