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Category: Selections from the Qur’an

Sura 7:31 {} “Do not be excessive”

(On health and well-being) (31) “O, Children of Adam! “Wear your beautiful apparel,at every time and place of prayer; “eat, and drink, but do not be excessive.Allah, truly, does not love thosewho are excessive …” ….. ….. -Sura #7: al-A’rāf (“The Heights”);Verse #31

Sura 2:183 {} “Fasting is prescribed for you”

(On health and well-being) (183) “O, you who believe! “Fasting (from food and drink) isprescribed for you, as it was prescribedto those who came before you—that you may become pious(by learning self-restraint) …” ….. ….. -Sura #2: al-Baqara (“The Heifer”);Verse #183